Client satisfaction is very important to us:

Label Tech

Label Tech recently completed two major projects with Brandcentral. The first project was a new corporate identity, including a new logo and brochure. Brandcentral did an enormous amount of research around our industry. The new identity, reflects all of this background work and the end result is clean, modern, and distinctive.

The company brochure is totally innovative and has not been done in our industry before. We set the Brandcentral team very tough challenges, particularly around how we could showcase our printing and technical capabilities within a brochure. Both the logo and brochure have been widely lauded by our customers and prospects and by the trade in general.

The second project involved producing a direct mail campaign for a sector in which we were keen to grow business. Starting with an Award Winning label created by Label Tech (and designed by Brandcentral), for a craft beer, a suite of tools were designed by the Brandcentral team, involving a presentation box, a bottle of the beer, labels which showed our printing capabilities, and a brochure. The team at Brandcentral handled the entire project from the design, to artwork, imagery and manufacture of the packaging suite.

Reaction within chosen sector has been outstanding and beyond expectation. We were not known to the majority of the recipients of the DM, but all have responded positively and relationships are developing .

In all, a truly professional, fresh and innovative project delivered by Brandcentral and one which is already generating a return.

David Keogh
Executive Chairman


Brandcentral has a rare talent for interpreting a brief in such a way that they both improve and enhance the quality of the project, while managing costs. Creative Director Gerard Whelan has a flair for conceptualising and realising the design concepts. I will definitely be approaching Brandcentral for future projects.

Trish Groves, Campaigns Officer

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Why did you decide to work with Brandcentral:
When we started looking for a possible agency to help us bring our project to life we were looking for three main things: 1) an innovative partner who would be able to bring their creative flair to the project, 2) someone who could bring a unique perspective whilst respecting our brands values and messaging, 3) reasonable pricing for a low volume project. We found that Brancentral ticked all those three boxes and having worked with them in the past we felt there were the right partners for this project.

How you found the process:
Brandecentral were professional and reactive throughout the entire project. Their strong relationship with local suppliers meant that we got the best possible price, and their creativity and ingenuity meant that the final result met all of our expectations. We were very pleased with the final outcome which provides a valuable tool to our sales team to promote our products.

Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone
Transfusion Medicine Marketing

The Butler's Pantry

Brandcentral are without a doubt one of the most professional and creative team we have worked with over our 25 years. I think it is very rare to find such a creative team just so good at project management also. We look forward to many more projects with Brand Central over our next 25 years.

Jacquie Marsh
The Butlers Pantry

Brunel University, London, UK

Specifying how you found the process:
The process was clearly defined at the beginning, and Brandcentral helped us to manage expectations about realistic time frames.
Brandcentral were patient and responsive to our needs. We were impressed with how they could realise an initial brief and mould
into a fully integrated product. Brandcentral were efficient at pulling together the stakeholders and flexible on budget which, for a
public project was very much appreciated.

How did you find the final solution:
The finished product was high quality and well designed. We have had lots of positive feedback about the design and content.
It also met all our requirements as set out in the original brief.

Dr Fiona Cullen, Centre for Youth Work Studies

Johnson and Johnson, Strasburg

Why you decided to work with Brandcentral:
When we were looking for an agency for our service marketing campaign, we were looking for a team of highly creative, out-of-the-box thinkers that could bring a new, fresh, unique perspective to our external messaging. We were impressed with Brandcentral’s creativity and the unique ideas they had used in previous campaigns. They had done some work with us before which was successful and we found their pricing to be very reasonable.

How you found the process:
Brandcentral was a partner throughout the entire process. They worked to ensure they understood our business, our customers and our objective in creating a new service marketing campaign. They were very patient and flexible as we went through many iterations of ideas and concepts, yet gently encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone and try new things while keeping with our brand image.

What was the reaction to the end result:
We were very pleased with the end result. Our brochure is concrete, concise and clear and provides a valuable tool to our sales team to promote our unique services. The quality of the images and final printed version is excellent.

Tandem Accounting

As a start-up company we had a requirement for logo, branding and website.  Initially we thought we would have to engage separate companies, however Brandcentral were able to provide all of the expertise though one main point of contact which ensured clarity throughout the whole process. 
When we approached Brandcentral all we had was a name and it quickly became apparent that they could provide an integrated solution for all of our web and print requirements.  From the outset there was continuity in how Tandem would be represented through our logo and how the imagery could be carried through into our print media and web presence.  Each element was taken into consideration at each stage of the creative process to ensure continuity.
The initial consultation proved to be the most valuable as Brandcentral listened to our requirements and the image we wished to portray, following on from this it was apparent that Brandcentral cared about the end result just as much as we did.  The different stages were outlined, timelines provided and dialogue was constant to ensure we were happy with each stage.  Brandcentral did not miss a single deadline, if they said something would be completed by a certain time it was, they also managed an element of flexibility to facilitate changes or delays from our side. 
We were extremely happy in relation to all of our dealings with Brandcentral.  Their attention to detail and the element of buy-in that they portrayed throughout the whole process was excellent.  They were a pleasure to deal with at all times.

Olga Halpenny
Managing Director

Nomad Digital, UK

Why you decided to work with Brandcentral:
Brandcentral had been recommened to us by a college who previously had worked with Brandcentral and found both the process and the result to be of  

How you found the process:
I found the process to be simple, quick and easy and the on-going support to be top notch.  

What you thought of the end result:
We were very satisfied with the end result, customer feedback has been very positive.

Sandie Simms, Global Marketing

Johnson and Johnson, Global

Why you decided to work with Brandcentral:
Brandcentral had a proven track record of innovating the customer facing messaging utilizing creative approaches that well reflected the innovative nature of the solutions that we were seeking to promote. It was a good partnership between a strong creative agency and an industry supplier of innovative solutions.

How you found the process:
3 elements of working with Brandcentral really stuck out: A) It was a partnership approach where the creativity of the agency blended with our product knowledge;B) The agency really managed to capture the essence of our needs and our customer expectations  C) The agency really helped to drive the process, recognizing the sense of urgency and providing the focus and drive to keep us all on track What was the reaction to the end result: Customer reaction to the output has been very positive, but the greatest credit to the agency is the fact that the content and imagery created has really allowed an internal rallying point for staff to really help drive the awareness and value to the product.

Colin M Hill Worldwide Marketing Director - Systems Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Johnson and Johnson


Brandcentral’s work has played an important role in developing the World Youth and Student Travel Conference’s brand and corporate identity. Through his web site and corresponding print marketing material design and direction, we have realised a significant increase in new registrations for the conference, and built better brand awareness throughout our industry.  

Susan Goldstein, WYSTC Conference Director

Johnson and Johnson, Nordic

Brandcentral delivered a solution that enabled us to communicate the benefits of CTS support in an efficient and cost effective manner, while maintaining the integrity of the OCD brand.

Ian Eggs, Nordic Leader, Ortho Clinical DiagnosticsJohnson and Johnson, US

Bord Bia

We worked with BrandCentral to create a an identity for the children’s area at Bloom. After looking at a number of different agencies we decided to work with Brandcentral as their ability to create simple, strong designs that stood out.   We gave them of a brief and some guidelines to work with, and they came back with a number of different concepts, which were refined to a final logo for the area. The process was straightforward and to the point. We were very happy with the outcome, and had a number of complements at Bloom on the new look and the quality of the design.

Michal Slawski, Bord Bia


We worked with Brand Central to develop a new logo for the European Implementation Collaborative. We were very impressed with Brandcentrals’s ability to take on board our background, mission and ideas. Even within tight time constraints they were able to process our brand essence into a challenging and appropriate solution. Their passion was evident and persuaded us to veer away from the safe options and go for a more unique concept. The end result is not just a logo but a really striking, dynamic identity.

Breda Ryan
Project Manager


Brandcentral’s dedication to each of the projects, their attention to detail, their understanding of the complexities of the projects, their flexibility in working with us and above all their desire to achieve the absolute best for each of the projects has been exemplary. The quality of their work in terms of the finished project is simply excellent. Creativity and practicality, as well as clear, ongoing and targeted communication with the various team members involved in these multifaceted projects has made working with Brandcentral a real pleasure. We look forward to working with Brandcentral on a variety of key projects well into 2010 and beyond.

Kate McQuillan, Trócaire

Clan Beo

I was looking for an brand identity for Clan Beo. It needed to be simple, memorable and powerful. It had to represent the feel for the work we do with people who live with the experience of disability. I started by consulting with a friend within advertising business. He suggested Brandcentral as they could work with unique business propositions in an unusual business sector. He thought that the process that Brandcentral used would help us sharpen our thinking and deliver a ‘brand’ that would represent what we were offering.

Brandcentral took his time with us. They asked the right questions. They made us think about what we were saying about our work. After some time in conversation back and forth he came to us with two different themes. We talked through both and decided to knock those into two different ‘looks’. Deciding which was the right one was not a discussion about which was the favourite. It was a discussion about what each represented in the specifics of our work. At the end of the process we had an instantly recognisable brand, colour pallet, specification for our photographer to use in shooting pictures for our website and words to describe what we do.

We got superb value not just for the money but for the time we invested in the process. Looking at the business through Brandcentral eyes helped us get a perspective on what we do that represents how the world sees us from the outside and not how we see ourselves from the inside. The look is memorable. We have to do a lot less explaining about what we do after people visit our website. Our funders see the professionalism in our look and our logo and take what we have to say seriously.

To summarise Working with Brandcentral has been good for our business.

Willie Walsh, Clan Beo

Y Volution, Fliker Scooters

We have been working with Brandcentral for the last 5 years sense start up.

Brandcentral have worked with us on all aspects of branding including our identity, packaging and digital media solutions.

During this time we have grown exponentially both as a brand and as a business, so to have
an agency that understands our needs during this transition is critical.

We look forward to working with Brandcentral into the next 5 years and beyond.

Thomas O Connell, Partner

Council for Justice and Peace

For our organisation, the experience with Brandcentral was very positive – from the initial consultation through to the finished product. They quickly grasped what we needed and brought creativity, innovation and professionalism to the process. We have had excellent feedback on the appearance of finished product, notably on the originality of the design. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brandcentral.